Top Five Men’s Jackets for Spring 2012

Once the winter chills disappear there’s going to be a revolution in men’s jackets come the spring.  It’s time for a few new looks in men’s outerwear and we’re bringing you five of the best of them right here. Rough is the word with heavily textured fabrics that keep you warm and smart at the same time. From practical to smart, but always with the focus on casual, these are the jackets to get you through the ups and downs of spring weather and there’s something here for every casual situation.  These are the hot looks you’ll need in your wardrobe when spring arrives.

1. Cotton Jackets

Cotton Jacket

Cotton jackets are going to be big in 2012. These will be a lightweight variation on that good old winter standby, the checked wool jacket.  They’re smart, they’re practical and fun.  The good news is that they’re going to come in dark colours, perfect for disguising all those bloody mary spills at the first parties of spring.  This one is from Woolrich Woolen Mills.

2. Linen Jackets

Linen Jacket

Linen jackets will be the utility wear of 2012, right through the spring and summer.  Again in dark colours, piece-dyed, with patch pockets and rough stitching, these tough jackets are going to be everywhere, ready to throw on or throw in a corner and pick up again when you’re ready to go.  This three button linen jacket by Facconable is a real utility garment.

3. Safari Jackets

Safari Jacket

Safari jackets are going to stage a comeback next year, just to keep you retro types happy.  But these are going to be a new rugged look safari jacket, not the kind you expect to see third world dictators wearing.  They’ll be military in styling and come distressed with a ready-to-wear lived-in look, like this cotton and hemp jacket by Facconable.

4. The Blouson

Blouson Jacket

The blouson never really went away but it’s back in a new incarnation in these casual jackets from Esemplare.  This one’s in three shades of brown with a hood.  You’re going to be seeing these everywhere next spring, so if this kind of causal’s your thing, it’s time to grab one while they’re still around.

5. Hoodie Jacket

Christopher Raeburn Foldaway Hoody

Strictly practical this hoodie jacket is set to be a 2012 sensation.  This UK-made foldaway by Christopher Raeburn is a must have for unpredictable spring weather.  It’s practical, smart and packs up into its own zip bag for easy carrying.  Nylon with a front zip and grosgrain piping.

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